We Have A Much Bigger Bond: Rise of the Stay-at-home Dads

When Mark was offered voluntary redundancy it could have turned his life upside down but instead Mark used that opportunity to change his life in a completely different way. Mark decided to swap roles with his wife and take full charge of the household and their children. Whilst this decision may be surprising to some, Mark now... Continue Reading →


What about dads: How does today’s society discriminate against men?

It may be the twenty-first century, however, the way society perceives the role of dads today can still be seen as antiquated. Dads are still being prevented from being able to parent equally and an example of this is the way most baby changing facilities are in the women's toilets. Actor and dad Ashton Kutcher... Continue Reading →

Men get post-natal depression too!

Post-natal depression has been known as a debilitating condition many women face when they become mums, however what society doesn’t tend to talk about is the amount of men that are also affected by this mental health illness. A study carried out by the UK Medical Research Council and the University College London shows that... Continue Reading →

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